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Transcom DropCatch & Live Auctions Domain Sale Update : perfumebuyer.com Auction Stats : https://transcom.uk/welcome-auctions-start.php?feed_id=45176&_unique_id=63d47581de281 Transcom Domain Live Auctions More Informati... Tags : #Transcomlive #backorderdomains #buydomains #catchdomains #domainauctions #domainsales #dropcatch #expireddomains #premiumdomains #selldomains

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Question/Discussion Hive Tips?


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Advice Needed Gentlease vs total comfort


Can I get opinions on Neuropro Gentlease vs Similac Total Comfort.

Which is best for gas and fussiness?

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Active Shiny Raid - Twitch B1llsPC Presents: Den 121, Dark Pokemon in SwSh and ScVi Herb Hunting! Twitch details below.

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Is my grinder safe to use lol?


Uhh I dropped it on the floor and there was a mouse in the area and I don’t know a few months ago and I just got anxious about germs and stuff I wanted to use it lol

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Condescending salesperson at the Vancouver Pen Shop


I visited the shop today to purchase a new ink for my birthday. The salesperson that helped me said they don’t sell any inks with shimmers as they are not meant for fountain pens. Okay…..other companies such as fwp and j herbin sell them. I’ve used them in my pen with no issues for many years. He was adamant they should not be used in a fountain pen.

I understand if this is your opinion on the matter. But when you speak in a condescending matter about it to me and force your views upon me - that’s not cool.

I did end up picking up an ink I spotted that had shimmer in it. What I do with my money and my choice of ink is my prerogative. I don’t need someone to put down my day and ruin what was supposed to be a feel good birthday.

Other than that interaction, the rest of the staff was friendly.

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Anyone running plex with googledrive filestream getting blue screen of death? Checked the mini dump file and it has plex transcoder.exe and googledrive ans the culprits.....

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Do you know any school's Step 1 pass-rate now it is pass-fail?


In a typical year for first-time US MD test-takers, the Step 1 passing rate was 95-97%.

Now that Step 1 is pass fail? All bets are off.

There's a lot of hearsay around medical schools reporting their students' passing rates to be much lower, often in the 80s. Those numbers may have even been artificially inflated because many students hadn't yet taken their test because they weren't ready. (Assuming the ones who delayed would be more likely to fail than average, the pass rate would be even lower).

Have you heard your/other school's passing rate now that Step 1 is pass-fail?

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One Pair Curtain Rod Sconces Holders Corbels Gold Painted Wood Home Decor


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Troubleshooting VGA light illuminated on Asus Strix b650-a, monitor doesn't display anything.


I just put together a new build, and am trying to figure out why my system won't POST. Like I mentioned, I have an Asus Strix b650-A. When I try to boot, it passes the first 2 qleds (cpu and dram), but then gets stuck on the VGA qled, which stays a solid bright white. Shortly after this, the green boot light illuminates beside it and stays solid. My case lights+fans, mobo RGB all boot up, and the fans on my GPU spin, but there is no display on my monitor. The Asus troubleshooting page says the VGA light is caused by an error with the GPU.

Things I have tried: -checking all connections for the gpu -reseating GPU -trying a separate set of cables (I am using the suggested 3 PCIe cables, no daisy chain) -updating/flashing the bios -unplugging SSD before booting -clearing CMOS using a screwdriver on the pins in the board. -fully removing CMOS battery -booting without GPU -having monitor turned on before I power on pc

I did actually get it to POST exactly once. After being up late building it and first running into this issue, I decided to sleep and try the next day. Next day, I tried flashing the bios, and it immediately posted after. I happily moved the pc into the room where I could plug in my ethernet cable and get to installing windows. It never posted again.

I should mention that unplugging GPU and trying to boot without it in an attempt to have it default to the integrated graphics on my CPU also did nothing, and yielded the same VGA light. I've seen some people mention you need to get into bios to select integrated graphics. Which I would love to... if I could get into bios.

Pretty much, I'm stumped. I figured I'd ask here before bringing it in to my local store to have them poke at it. Any help would be very appreciated!


-Asus rog Strix b650-a motherboard -Ryzen 7900x cpu -MSI ventus 4080 gpu -32gb Corsair vengeance RAM -Corsair RM850x PSU -1x Samsung SSD, 1x Samsung m.2


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question need to know this web site


Greetings. Does anybody knows what website name is the one that has a white 1 logo inside a purple circle? NEED TO KNOW ASAP PLS!

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Gamers of Reddit, be as basic or as philosophical as you like but simply, why do you like video games?


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Discussion Free WiFi finally. It's pretty fast!


Currently on my flight from PHX to SEA, and I was surprised to see free wifi available already! I haven't tried watching video, but Instagram stories and pictures load decently.

I didn't expect to see free wifi until February.

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Dos maneras muy efectivas de deshacerte de alguien, la SEGUNDA es la mejor XD

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Looking for a friend or possibly more

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Help Dedicated Storage Problems


This keeps happening to me and I’m tired of it. I’ll go to take something out a dedicated storage and it says I’ve reached inventory capacity when I don’t have any of the item in my inventory. Does anyone know a fix for this?

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New Tweet, go show me some LOVE @MrsAllieRae : 9 seconds in… GOPHER GOAL🚨

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Question To anyone who bought Dead Space physically, is your disc drive also loud when downloading it?


Just started downloading it and my XSX is really loud downloading it. It has never been like this with any other game.

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Other which of bluey's friends appear the most? (only counting speaking roles)

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Pasta From Scratch Smoked Chicken Sourdough Fettuccine Alfredo with Roasted Broccoli!

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Question Calus Minitool



I just came back after 2 seasons off. I really want the calus minitool but i didnt buy the season pass for the one with the calus minitool. It says the only way to get it it buy the deluxe edition of the witch queen to get it. I find it a bit much money to pay 40 euro's for only 30 days of season left, can i obtain the calus minitool by just farming the season activity or do i NEED the season pass from then.

thank you for ant answer i get in advance:)

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Picture Free eary childhood autism virtual training through USF

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Mule! [Xbox] N: Mule for a few items. H: Will mule, +karma, ask.